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Commercial Door Closers

During an average day, almost everybody comes in contact with a wide variety of door closers, both automatic and manual in nature. Door closers are used in everything from the screen door at the front of your house to the front door of your workplace. In fact, door closers can be found in one way or another in just about every commercial building. They are a requirement for fire doors.

Standard Door Closers

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standard door closers

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Floor check and Overhead closers

door closers

overhead closers

floor check

Automatic Door Closers

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automatic door closers

automatic doors

A door closer is a hardware device that is typically installed along the top of a door and frame. It uses a hydraulic-based mechanism to automatically close the door each time it is opened. These units offer many advantages, particularly in commercial buildings. By keeping the door shut tightly at all times, the closer provides assurance that the door is secure, and has not been left open. It also helps improve energy efficiency while keeping fire and smoke from spreading. These devices can be a challenge to install, so proper tools and planning are key to a successful installation job.


Special Door Closers

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