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Residential Door knobs   Levers

Entry Lockset   
knobs door knobs service door knobs
Keyed entry lock used for entrance doors. Unlocked by key from the outside when button locked from inside. Unlocked by knob from either side when button unlocked. Inside knob always unlocked.  Available in different backsets, finishes colors and styles.
Passage Lockset  
knobs and cylinders locksmith westchester ny locksmith knobs
Keyless lock used for bedrooms, closets and more. Available in different finishes colors and styles.
Privacy Lockset  
locksmith service ny privacy locksets locksets
Keyless knob set unlocked by emergency key or shim form outside when button is locked.
* Unlocked by knob form either side when button unlocked.
*Inside knob always unlocked.
Keyless lock used for bathrooms, bedrooms. Available in different backsets, finishes, colors and styles.
Storeroom Lockset  
Keyed lockset outside knob always fixed.
* Unlocked by key form outside.
*Inside knob always unlocked.
Keyed lockset available in different backsets, finishes, colors and styles.

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